Our APP is available! :)

On the first of December 2015 it finally happened, our own APP was completed and published by us after many busy months. We're glad like little kids about a bar of chocolate, thihi.

Why we created this APP and what is it able to do? 
First let me say that this APP cannot do magic, unfortunately  (ooooooh, sigh). But nevertheless it has become very nice and is planned especially for art lovers of all kinds. 
It contains a wide range of our works and the persons who like our works of art, can now view these works so often and for so long as they want without having to surf on any websides. So to speak, you get your favorite pictures in your pocket. You will also be the first ones which get to know when there are new pictures.

On top of that fineArt print orders can be placed easily on the smartphone or tablet now. "Move with the times, you have to move with the times", my granny always said.

Grab the desired subject in the desired size and material to the cart, redeem voucher and get everything delivered in the next few days directly to your home. Wait a minute. Redeem voucher? Exactly, read correctly. Because of our great and loyal art lovers we will offer in this APP every now and then coupons, special offers or even unique pieces. These offers will be send as a link via "Push Notifications".

If your desired motif shouldn't be listed in the Store, don't be sad because you're indeed just a click of the contact button away! In this contact form you can ask us everything, okay almost everything, and we will respond quickly. Whether special formats, other materials, other motives, custom vouchers, or if you would like to book a photo shoot ... please let us know!

In the APP is a Blog Feed also. There you can read all the latest news about us or our works.

And you can find a button that shows you all webpages where else we gonna wind us. Social Media and such things, you know.

All this is quite a lot, right? And one more thing to put on top of it - what is an APP without games? That's right, a bit boring. That's why we still have a couple of great games in stock! Also in these games you can find our art. Whether as wallpaper, as a launch object, puzzle or memory card.
As you can see already, quite a lot is going on in our APP. Similarly, there are also great gimmicks: You can edit your photos or your can add textures. Also you can scan photos taken by your smartphone and send them as PDF.
For iOS there is also a cyclist game and as an additional gimmick a flashlight function, why not from time to time you could need it.
For Android users: Never mind! On the other hand their iPhones get broken more quickly when they learn how to fly ;).


Thus, our APP has now actually even 4 (5) games and 2 (3) gimmicks. In three of the games you can on top of that win something! In the throwing game there are 3 levels of varying difficulty, and who has managed all three levels as the first, will receive a surprise from us - delivered to your home.
In the puzzle, there are actually 13 levels. But you don't need to run through all the levels to get to the next level. Who wins Level 13, gets delivered an even bigger surprise. We are curious!
Furthermore, you can also win from time to time different coupons at our sweet little slot machine.

So, we don't wanna put too fine a point on it and thus we just say: GO RIGHT AHEAD! And get it for FREE!


Later, you can still go to those Swedish furniture stores with a lot of mass art...for example to... eat Köttbullar or Hot Dogs ;)


At the end we wanna betray where you can get this Blockbuster-APP.

Unfortunately, the iPhone user have to wait some more days until the Apple employees have woken up from their pre-Christmas cookie coma and will unlock it. Okay okay, it's annoying, but for that reason you will get one more game and one more gimmick than the Android user ;) ... And who ever wants, can also watch a short preview video:




Smartpohnes and Tablet






iPhone coming soon

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