Photo Series


A series which deals with the seven-year cycles of a human being.

It is said that every seven years in a person's life, a new phase of life begins or changes occur. The number 7 is omnipresent and plays a role in many areas of life. All persons photographed are 7 years apart and have their own story in different generations. People who are facing a new stage of life, whether by the hormones during puberty (14) or menopause (49). Or starting a family (28), or retirement without the beloved husband, because he did not make it to 70 years.

Eleven souls at the age of 7 to 77 with their own challenges. Children of the modern age, in which the media determine everything and adults who have experienced the postwar period. People who went to student demonstrations in the 1970s to change the world. People who took part in the first Pride Parades, people who study abroad to start a family in their hometown. People who are firmly in life with both feet, but still looking for change. Because standstill is the death of every progress.

Each person wore the same turtleneck. No jewelry, no glasses, no distracting facial expression. So that the face and the person behind, the soul, is expressed.


Awarded internationally: 

2019   Highlighted on Lensculture

2019    International Photography Awards: "14" Honorable Mention Award

2020    Monochrome Photography Awards: "14" 1st Place Category Portrait

2020    Prix de la Photographie Paris:  "14" Bronze Medal

2020    Finland International Digital Circuit: "14" Gold Medal (Nordic Society of Photography) 

2020    Finland International Digital Circuit:  "14" Honorable Mention Award (Association of Finnish Camera Club)


A creative experimental photo series about the symbiosis between humans and nature. About the strengh of women and about becoming and passing away. Both the human body and nature should be treated with care. The woman and the female body as a symbol of tenderness and softness. The porcelain as a symbol of fragility as well as strength, because the porcelain, as fragile as it may seem, holds everything together and allows new life to grow.


Awarded internationally:

2019    International Photography Awards, Honorable Mention Award

2020    Prix de la Photographie Paris,  Bronze Medal

2020    ND Awards, Honorable Mention Award


A series about the environmental impact of mankind. The female body as a symbol of mother nature.

About man-made forest fires and the extinction of endangered animal species. The lives of humans and animals in our hands. About dying oceans and changes in climate, such as heat and drought. Or the resulting forces of nature such as storms and hurricanes.


Awarded internationally:

2020    International Photography Awards, Honorable Mention Award


Many women are blind when it comes to their own bodies or their beauty. I'm pretty sure, if we would look at ourselves through the eyes of those who love us, we could see our beauty. This is a series about women's self-awareness. Love yourself, Accept yourself, Trust yourself and Be yourself.


Awarded internationally:

2020    Prix de la Photographie Paris: "Love Yourself" Honorable Mention

2020    International Photography Awards: "Love Yourself" Honorable Mention Award

2020    Chromatic Photography Awards: "Be Yourself" 2nd Place Winner


Whether shadow play with the hands, pantomime or the sign language. There are different ways to represent animals. How similar are humans and animals?

A series about the connection between animals and humans, created with body control and a touch of surrealism through photo editing.

In this series you can find a frog, a hedgehog, a deer, a penguin, a centipede and a butterfly. For the butterfly I used the sign for butterfly in sign language. For the other animals, I searched for distinctive recognition features, wondering how they can be represented.


Awarded internationally: 

2018    Tokyo Foto Awards: Honorable Mention


A still growing series about the connection between humans and marine creatures. Humans cannot live in water, marine animals cannot live ashore. A paradox, surreally united in one picture.


Awarded internationally:

2018    Sony World Photography Awards: "Aquarius" Commended


Diet plays an increasingly important role in today's world. Vegetarian or vegan diet, paleo or clean eating. Whichever diet you choose, one thing is certain, you are what you eat. Because we are natural creatures.


Animals and humans are much more similar than we think. Many animals have their own character, exactly as humans. What kind of animal would you be?


Awarded internationally:

2016    International Photography Awards: Honorable Mention


No two people are alike. We are all different. But some of us are more different. And for some, everyday life is harder, because there are still many people who are afraid of people which are different. I present some phenomena in this series: Hermaphroditism, Alopecia Areata,  Albinism, Heterochromia, Vitiligo and Microsomia. This series is about acceptance of otherness, about education and against discrimination. To be different but beautiful!

Single Images

Individual pictures that do not belong to any series and some of which have received international awards.


Awarded internationally:

2014    Trierenberg Super Circuit: "Upside Down" Gold Medal

2015    Trierenberg Super Circuit: "Time to Sleep" Gold Medal of Excellence 

2016    Sony World Photography Awards: "The Storm" Commended 

2016    International Photgraphy Awards: "The Swimmer" Honorable Mention

2016    International Photgraphy Awards:  "The Snow Queen" Honorable Mention

2016    International Photgraphy Awards:  "Freckles"  Honorable Mention

2019    Prix de la Photographie Paris: "Back to the 70's" Silver Medal

2020    Chromatic Photgraphy Awards:  "Back to the 70's"  2nd Place Winner


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